Update from No-Toll-ville – Monday, June 12, 2017

Hi all!

Wonderful day today.

Reading that the Tolls  would consider a land swap was momentous!

On site, the heat really put us to the test and we passed with flying colors. With a rapid communication assist from Irmi, Don and Bernie shot by and rescued us from the sun midday with canopy repositioning.

Don followed up with an ice drop.

A gent named Jim dropped off several cases of Gatorade.

Art, Lauren and David waved signs.

Many folks learned the story of the Toll invasion. Many signs were distributed.

The garden looks great.

Some new folks are sleeping over tonight. There was great energy when I left.

Tomorrow will likely be hot and we may have some storms. If weather kicks up (afternoon prediction) and you’re around the site, drop by and lend a hand battening down.

In solidarity,