Update from the Occupation – Saturday, June 17

Occupation Day 15.

When I arrived at camp today at 1:30, to my complete amazement there was an entire bucket of super fine tent stakes (along with a good supply of strong cord). Thank you Bill. The stakes are beautiful. Seriously, these are the most beautiful tent stakes I’ve ever seen. And their design to spec form just nails it. If anything will help weather the upcoming storms, it is these stakes.

Jim and Jean came by to bring us guac and chips and invited us to speak briefly at their neighborhood association picnic tomorrow. David H. will attend and bring signs and some literature.

Dee and Bruce hooked us up with storage bins!

Many people stopped by, got signs, signed the petition and gave contributions. I have about five or six new recruits. Who gets their forms to enter into the database? One is interested in letters to the editor, two in occupation.

Ed and Tina stopped by in the afternoon and really helped us finalize the reorgainization of the common space. THANK YOU!

All: Please try to read bin labels and return items to their bin of origin when you use things. Also, coolers are now labeled either FOOD ONLY or DRINKS ONLY. PLEASE do not put food in the “DRINKS ONLY” cooler. It explodes or sinks in the melted ice and it makes a disgusting mess. THANK YOU for your help with this.

Dinner was served by Don, straight from Foxdale fridges (thanks!).  Then was followed up by a delivery of two pizzas and some soda from an unnamed supporter.

This evening, while clearing the easement for sign visibility, David H. broke Kim’s lawnmower (!) on a big metal utility covering lid thing and Alba and he jetted out to get the fix underway.

If the weather is nice tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) and folks are willing and able to help, please bring your gas mowers and weed whackers and do some clearing for the sign move. Warning: Don’t hit the big metal utility covering lid thing. Also, please wear eye protection.

I’d LOVE for folks to sign up on the Google calendar for short shifts on-site so folks who do long stints can go offsite to shower and whatnot. It really helps folks plan for that (rides etc.) if they know there will be coverage. Thanks to Bernie for signing up! [Contact Joe Cusumano to sign up for a shift – jpcusumano@gmail.com]

It is just so tragic that Penn State, all that it is and claims to be, would do this. In the face of this tidal wave of support.

When folks are by the road with signs and waving, almost every car that goes by waves and thumbs up or beeps.

The overwhelmingly positive community response to this action makes crystal clear what the position of the community is. Right behind us.

In Solidarity,


PS – Please help me remember something: I need to make a Facebook “check-in” while I’m on-site. If you see me there, please remind me to do that! I keep forgetting.

Supply Needs:

  • Snacks: Dave S. requested some dried fruits (cranberries sp.)
  • Bananas- just a few at a time please
  • Hand Wipes
  • Three dish bins for a dishwashing station.
  • We got the big storage containers!! We don’t need any more now. (Though we may in the future.)
  • We do NOT need more trash bags.


Please use your contacts to reach out to property owners in very visible locations to display No Toll signs.

If you haven’t yet, please sign the new petition, Demand that Penn State Acts as a Responsible Steward to Our Community’s Water

Pass it on please!

Staying Informed and In Touch

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