Update from the Occupation – Sunday, June 18

Occupation Day 16

Camp seemed in much better shape to face the rain today. Thanks so much for the storage bins!

Despite the drizzle, or perhaps because of it, we had a lovely dinner. There was a rainbow again and Dorothy brought delicious daal and rice.

Jessica brought bananas and watermelon to share. And gifted camp a large cooler!

There has been a call for workers to help with lawn care and the sign move tomorrow at 10 am. Kelli is leading that effort, with the support of her husband, Steve. (FYI, the long measuring tape was in the tool box when I left today!)

I’ll be off site all day tomorrow. Please sign up for shifts!

In solidarity,


VOLUNTEER NEEDED: Folks are signing up to work on the watershed bike tour, and we need a point person to volunteer to lead the effort!

ACTION: I created a Facebook check in. It’s called Nittany Valley Water Coalition Encampment. Please check in at the site regularly. Both virtually and in real life!!

ACTION: PLEASE SIGN UP FOR SHIFTS ON GOOGLE CALENDAR!  (Please let Joe (jpcusumano@gmail.com) know if you would like to be added to the calendar to sign up to spend time at the site)

Supplies needed:

  • Neosporin
  • One shallow, but large storage bin for coffee mugs and some plates.
  • Tools needed: Claw hammer, Pry bar, Grass whip

Lost and found:

  • Three blue mugs
  • Polka dot umbrella


Please use your contacts to reach out to property owners in very visible locations to display No Toll signs.

If you haven’t yet, please sign the new petition, Demand that Penn State Acts as a Responsible Steward to Our Community’s Water

Pass it on please!

Staying Informed and In Touch

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