Update from the Occupation – Monday, June 19

Occupation day 17

I only spent about a half hour at the site today and I missed being there, outside gazing at the mountains, while I sat in my meeting tonight.

I’m glad I can spend a big chunk of time there tomorrow.

I love that Kim thought to mention in an email to me that “Maria brought red raspberries!”

I love that the few minutes I was able to be there, Jonathan’s guitar playing filled the night air in such a lovely way. Such awesome people live here!!

Weather permitting: Tomorrow-Tuesday- at 10 stop by the site to help Bruce use white paint to put base coat on the wood signs. Bring paint if you have it. We need to move on the signs when the weather allows!

For dinner Pam is bringing salad with five organic lettuces and spinach, spring onions and basil from her garden with garnishes as each chooses – blue cheese, org. walnuts, apples, raisins, grated carrot. And org oil & vinegar as a dressing (self applied) with organic sour dough bread from Weg’s to go with.


Annnnnd Jane is bringing either shepherd’s pie or polenta with mushrooms, tomato, cheese, and black beans ( both vegetarian).


We need some occupier training materials. Does anyone have a list of talking points started? Please send them to me (Laura).

Also, let’s start thinking about building a super simple kitchen counter out of wood for a dishwashing station.

In solidarity,



Letters to the Editor: Erin, Irmi, Don, Bernie, Ingrid


HANDOUT/edits: David H., Art

SITE AND SUPPLY: Janet, David S., Laura, Kelli

VOLUNTEER NEEDED: Folks are signing up to work on the watershed bike tour, and we need a point person to volunteer to lead the effort!

ACTION: I created a FB check in. It’s called Nittany Valley Water Coalition Encampment. Please check in at the site regularly. Both virtually and in real life!!

ACTION: PLEASE SIGN UP FOR SHIFTS ON GOOGLE CALENDAR!  (Please let Joe (jpcusumano@gmail.com) know if you would like to be added to the calendar to sign up to spend time at the site)

Wish List:

  • Dry erase board
  • Another large storage bin please!

Lost and found:

  • Three blue mugs
  • Polka dot umbrella


Please use your contacts to reach out to property owners in very visible locations to display No Toll signs.

If you haven’t yet, please sign the new petition, Demand that Penn State Acts as a Responsible Steward to Our Community’s Water

Pass it on please!

Staying Informed and In Touch

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