Action Items

From Kelli Hoover

Contacting Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors RePA Supreme Court Review of Land Use Appeal Case

We have a chance to create the circumstances that would strongly encourage the PA Supreme Court to take up our case against the Toll Brothers development, but we need your help to do it.

On Monday evening the Ferguson Township Supervisors are meeting to decide how to respond to the filing of our appeal against the Toll Brothers development. Two of the supervisors are willing to propose that the Board file a brief to ask the court to hear our appeal. We need to convince one more supervisor at least to join them.

To do that, please send an email to all five supervisors and paraphrase what’s written below asking them all to request that the PA Supreme Court hear our case.

Having the municipal officials ask for this will go a long way to convincing the Supreme Court to take the case. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Ferguson or not, and you can say that if you want, because this decision affects everyone in the region.


Email addresses for Board of Supervisors


“Dear Ferguson Township Supervisors:

As you know, the legality of the approval of the Toll Brothers development has been appealed to the PA Supreme Court. Because the Commonwealth Court’s decision did not directly address the issues related to the Township’s zoning ordinances in conjunction with PRD approvals, considerable confusion has been created about how to interpret what the Township can and cannot do when considering these kinds of development approvals in the future.

I am writing to respectfully request that the Board file a response to the Supreme Court appeal asking the Court to hear the issue. The Township has been put into a position of potential liability by the confusion created by this situation, which can only be clarified by a hearing in the PA Supreme Court. This is the right thing to do for the Township residents and for the Board’s ability to make clear decisions on zoning/PRD approvals in the future.

Thank you.

Your name

Where you live (township)”

Contacting PSU Board of Trustees to Urge Land Swap:

Below is a letter from David Hughes of the Nittany Valey Water Coalition to President Barron sent on Thursday, June 22 to give Barron information that the science and the risks to the wells from the Toll Brothers development are real and why.

Penn State has been claiming that there are no risks to our water, and that we have no science to back up our claims that there are indeed potential risks.

Please consider writing to President Barron and the Board of Trustees to voice your concerns to ask them to do a land swap with Toll Brothers – sell them land that doesn’t threaten our water supply.

Addresses for Barron and Trustees (Jay Paterno will be replacing Albert Lord in July):

  • Abraham Harpster –
  • Albert Lord –
  • Alex Hartzler –
  • Alice Pope –
  • Allison Goldstein –
  • Anthony Lubrano –
  • Barbara Doran –
  • Betsy Huber –
  • Chris Hoffman –
  • Cynthia Dunn –
  • Daniel Mead –
  • David Han –
  • David Kleppinger –
  • Donald Cotner –
  • Elliott Weinstein –
  • Eric Barron – Admin
  • Ira Lubert – Trustee
  • Julia Potts – Trustee
  • Kathleen Casey – Trustee
  • Kay Salvino – Trustee
  • Keith Masser – Trustee
  • Luke Metaxas – Trustee
  • Mark Dambley –
  • Mary Lee Schneider –
  • Matthew Schuyler –
  • Pedro Rivera –
  • Richard Dandrea –
  • Robert Capretto –
  • Robert Fenza –
  • Robert Jubelirer –
  • Robert Tribeck –
  • Russell Redding –
  • Ryan McCombie –
  • Ted Brown –
  • Thomas Wolf –
  • Valerie Detwiler –
  • Walter Rakowich –
  • William Oldsey –
  • William Shipley –

When you send your message, please also send a copy to, so the coalition can keep track of how many letters get sent.