Update from the Occupation – June 22

Occupation Day 20

I wasn’t on site until about 11 pm today when I just popped in to say goodnight.

Dave Stone told me he talked to a gent from DEP today who said he was surprised that he didn’t see more public outcry when he first saw the permit application. I’m wondering why we couldn’t trust our elected officials to do the right thing. Isn’t that what they’re elected to do?

Although I wasn’t physically present at the encampment today I was there in spirit. As I know many of you were.

In body, I was getting back in touch with my Pisces nature and spent quite some time removing plastic trash from Roaring Run. I sat on a rock in the stream meditating on how lucky we are here and what a bad track record the human race has with keeping water clean and available for all beings.

My meditation was inspired; I had a first today – I saw a bobcat up close, running right to Roaring Run. This place where our water flows from houses and protects many living beings. We are ALL in this together.

I’m wondering if someone would take over the daily encampment updates as this will be my last one. I’ve enjoyed it, especially your replies❤️, but I’ll be spending less time on site as I’ve got to turn more intently to politics.

I’m hoping to get ahead of some threats and to help provide some positive opportunities long term.

In solidarity,