Report on April 1 Benner Township Meeting

By Annie Seeley Murrell

Repost from Benner Township Residents Facebook page

The meeting tonight touched on a few concerns about the proposed zoning, mostly regarding the Spring Creek Canyon Overlay.

In the newly proposed draft ordinance, the overlay is completely removed.

Tonight it was mentioned that a portion of it might be put back in, but Zone 2 would likely to be removed, leaving only 1,000 feet from either side of the center of Spring Creek protected.

This is not enough.

The Overlay was developed with a great deal of consideration and local expertise and serves a variety of important purposes, including maintaining the health of Spring Creek so that it remains one of the most popular fishing destinations in the country.

Please urge the supervisors to leave the Spring Creek Canyon Overlay in its original form to ensure the continued protection of one of our region’s most valuable natural resources.

Please notify those who fish and recreate in this area that there is a possibility of the Overlay being altered or removed and this could have a negative impact on the fish and wildlife there.

Share your thoughts at the next Benner Twp. Supervisors meeting and/or submit a letter to the Township to be sure your voice is heard.

Three more key documents

April 15, 2009 Master Plan for Spring Creek Canyon Conservation
October 29, 2009 Spring Creek Canyon Conservation Overlay Zoning Map
March 26, 2019 DRAFT Revision to Overlay Zoning, reducing protected land area to 1,000-foot buffers on each side of Spring Creek.